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Country House Bettona, Apartaments and restaurant - Assisi

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Panoramic swimming pool in the country house
Detail of the external swimming pool
Countryhouse in Bettona
Countryhouse and restaurant
Living room with fireplace
Apartment type in the countryhouse
Detail of a double bedroom
Living room with fireplace
Big bedroom with fireplace
Horses in the Countryhouse
Bike riding in freedom
A good place to take a walk
Well equipped swimming pool outside
Homemade Wines and liquors
External view  of the country house
Belvedere apartment
Detail of Belvedere apartment
Bedroom in apartment Belvedere
Detail of the bathroom in apartment Belvedere
Ginepro Apartment detail
Another detail of Ginepro Apartment
Double bedroom in Ginepro Apartment
Detail of the kitchen and of the living room in Ginepro Apartment
Il Fienile apartment
Il Granaio apartment
Detail of Il Granaio apartment
Cured furniture into the rooms
Fireplace in Il Granaio apartment
Il Poggio apartment
Detail of the double bedroom in Il Poggio apartment
Il Portico apartment with fireplace
Detail of the double bedroom in Il Portico
Panoramic view of Il Portico apartment
La Torre apartment
Detail of La Torre apartment
L'Uliveto apartment
Double bedroom in L'Uliveto apartment

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