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ID:550 Country House with Swimming pool and Jacuzzi "Rose St Francesco"* - Assisi (Perugia)

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Panoramic view on Assisi
Country House le Rose di San Francesco

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Agriturismo le Rose di San Francesco is different from other places: our effort is to grant our visitors the best quality, the best service, the comfort and relax that every holiday needs.

Anyone who visited us in the past was always very pleased about the place, the weather, the service, and the overall quality of our structure... and best of all, about the richness of the company!

Assisi is someway magic, mysterious and ancient: not visiting it, means to lose special emotions, unique reflections and thoughts, and a breathless art... things that everyone, in his life, is invited to experiment at least one time.

Agriturismo le Rose di San Francesco offers to its visitors a remarkable quality service: every room is perfect in every detail; as a matter of fact the owner is famous for his precision, his artistic taste and his accuracy for particulars!

Here in Assisi there are many interesting things :

for art lovers, visiting Assisi may need even a whole week! From "Basilica" of San Francis of Assisi, to "eremo delle carceri" (the convent where S.Francis lived), to Central Square, with the roman Minerva temple, surely beuty and architectural points aren't missing!
Assisi, besides, is a place with continuous cultural activities, rich of shows, meetings and exhibitions on painting, sculptures, music and literature.

for ancient tradition lovers, Umbria is still a non-contaminated area: we can find craftmen and artisans of pottery, farmers that harvest olives, honey, truffles, or tailors embroidering spledid dresses for historical commemorations, or the ancient "punto francescano"... and so on.

for food or cooking lovers, umbrian "cucina" has nothing to envy to anybody and, don't forget it, is sane and nutrient! When you'll come here, we will offer you some tasty meals!

for relax lovers, il Roseto di Assisi is the perfect place, so close to Assisi as much as far from traffic and anxiety of urban life. Here you can enjoy the big garden, the splendid rooms, the always perfect reception of owner Massimo.

Agriturismo le Rose di San Francesco has a wonderful restaurant, perfect in every little detail. You can have a real taste of italian cousine, in a warm atmosphere, and then go out to take another special look at Assisi.

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Country House with Swimming pool and Jacuzzi "Rose St Francesco"

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