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Spires like meteors in the heart of the Apennines, a little piece of natural paradise in the province of Modena where man an nature live together in perfect harmony.

The Regional Park of the Sassi of Roccamalatina protect the land that dates back from the valley sides of the river Panaro to 800 meters of the Monte della Riva, a beautiful hilly landscape, rich in nature and religion.

In the heart of the towering peaks of the Sassi, spectacular sandstone cliffs overlooking a wide variety of environments: from the woods of chestnut to gullies of clay, adorned with rare wild orchids, caves, streams, where they still live crayfish.

From the valley of the Protected Area of Panaro along the sides protecting a significant landscape of hills rich in history, nature and religion. The Parks  towering peaks of the Sassi: the spectacular sandstone cliffs for the great resistance to erosion, dominate the surrounding territory. The vertical walls of rock are home to a rich flora in addition to nesting peregrines. Park in the rich variety of natural environments, frames the austere Church of Trebbio and numerous small medieval villages dating back Malatigni of the noble family of the time.

The park lies in the municipalities of Castelvetro of Modena that is also famous for its regional winecellar of the region Emilia-Romagna, with a selection of over 200 labels and Emilia-Romagna
special section devoted to, and Lambrusco Grasparossa Castelvetro DOP Balsamic Vinegar Traditional Modena DOP.
The town of Guiglia and Marano sul Panaro, where we also find the natural wildlife park of Festà, and the natural river park along the Panaro River, and the museum of Ecology and Natural History located in town square Piazza Matteotti.
The City Savignano sul Panaro, which is one of the few Italian towns that has on its territory the production of no less than 11 DOC wines (Pinot Montuni, Grasparossa Lambrusco, Barbera, Pignoletto, White, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Riesling Italico).
Vignola that is within easy reach from both Modena, which is 25
km, and from Bologna, from which it is 32, Vignola is located at the foot of the foothills Appennino Modenese by the valley of the river Panaro.
And Zocca,  where every year in the
first week of August there is an important music festival called the Celebration of Freedom (Festa della Libertá) originally conceived by Massimo Riva and other young people to promote music in Zocca
and freedom of musical expression.

La Rosa sul Sasso

La Rosa sul Sasso is not a new botanical species suddenly appeared on top of the Stonehegde, but a wind-rose sandstone which gives detailed information about the landscape, visible from the vantage point above the park.
The rose / La rosa was created by sculptor Zocca Bertarini Bernardino and laid by hand, by the staff of the Park, May 5, 2004.

The walls are filled with lush flora and rock art sites of nesting peregrine falcons. The luxuriant nature is punctuated by numerous medieval villages dating back to the Malatigni, noble family of the time and the many churches as the austere and ancient parish church of Trebbio (XII century). Since 2009 the park has areas of high natural interest falls in the Municipality of Zocca: Sasso of St. Andrew, the Forest of Tane, the Monte della Riva, and medieval villages of Montabo and Montecorone.

The Fauna
Recognized as Site of Community Importance and Special Protection wildlife Area under the Habitats Directive, in the park it is possible to observe a wide variety of ecosystems: forests, fields, rocks, caves, rivers.
These ecosystem are home to a wide biodiversity. Among invertebrates stands out the crayfish and Lucanus cervus, classified species of Community interest. The Varro and loach are noteworthy for the species. You can also see various species of amphibians such as newts Geotritone typical margin of the grotto, the alpine newt and the crested newt, as well as various species of frogs such as the Apennine and the Dalmatian. Among the reptiles the Colubro di Riccioli is the only location reported and known for the Province of Modena.
A wide variety of birds with over 80 breeding species including the peregrine falcon, Nightjar, the Calandro and Ortolano can be seen here. There are also more than 40 species of mammals,  including roe deer, badgers, foxes, porcupines and various species of bats classified as spicies of community importance.

Those of you that love trekking, walking, or riding on mountain bike or horseback, can have fun through a network of over 100 kilometers of trails with gentle slopes, reach for natural balconies in the view of the highest peaks of the Apennines and the Alps.

Along these routes also lovers of food and typical products will have the opportunity to stop at the oldest taverns and enjoy exquisite cuisine of the mountains: tortelloni, noodles, Borlenghi, crescentine in tigelle and specialty mushrooms and truffles. Or make light of Parmigiano Reggiano Mountain, meat or Bianca Modenese Mora Romagna at the dairies and the local shops.

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