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SEA LIFE Jesolo will take you into the amazing underwater world. Prepare for astonishingly close views of
everything from humble starfish to graceful rays and tropical sharks. With an amazing underwater ocean tunnel, 30
display tanks and more than 5,000 sea creatures the aquarium is the perfect stop for family fun! But Beware... You
just might have to get wet!

At SEA LIFE Jesolo, we have lots of local activities you can support or get involved with!
If you’ve ever wondered what lives in the rockpools around our coast, this is the place to find out.

Get really close to the wonderful creatures that live on our shores. This is the very place to learn, here in our interactive Rockpool you
can get to know and touch live creatures of the sea, maybe hold a crab in your hand without getting nipped. Spot
the shelled creatures in the pool and maybe compete with you friends  and see you can spot them all, Touch a live
starfish and Learn all about limpets, and everything else, from our team.
You don´t have to worry, everything in our Rockpool is safe to handle... and our experts will show you how it´s done!

SEALIFE Conservation work hard to protect every part of our oceans and sea life that lives within it, whether the
threat is man made, due to population changes in the wild, or an effect of global warming, we take action. A big part
of our work consists in  Breeding and Re-homing many kinds of fish and sea animals. This is all part of our
campaign-work of the protection of our seas.

SEA LIFE has been a pioneer in the field of seahorse breeding, successfully breeding and rearing nine different
species to date to help this very sensitive and endangered sea creature from facing extinction.
But we at SEA LIFE don´t care only about the fish but about all the animals of the sea (and on land). Sealife and its
sister brand the Seal Sanctuaries annually rescues, cares for and returns to the wild more than 100 orphaned,
injured and sick seal pups each year.
SEA LIFE provides permanent homes for damaged and disabled creatures rescued and in need of homing, that
would otherwise have been killed or put to sleep.

By show casing all of these beautiful creatures that have found their way to live with us, we can engage with our
visitors to help you to understand how small daily routines and changes can count towards the survival of many of
our creatures at no cost or little effort!

A SEA LIFE fund raising campaign has enabled a new Sea Turtle Rescue and Wildlife Information Centre to be
built on the Greek island of Zakynthos. This is because 90% of the loggerhead turtle nests in the Mediterranean are
found here. Until the centre was built any adult turtles injured in collisions with pleasure craft or through
entanglement in fishing gear around the island (of which there are many) could only be treated at a centre in Athens,
a day’s travel away.

You too have the chance here at Sealife to make different kind of friends, what’s your favourite sea creature?
Are you a Shark lover, Seahorse fanatic or a Clownfish groupie? Perhaps it’s the graceful Jellyfish or the clever
Octopus that you love the most. Maybe you simply can’t decide! Here at SEA LIFE Jesolo you can make up your
mind and see them all - from the curious and the rescued to the rare and the enigmatic. And you’ll be able to get
closer to them than ever before.

Here you can get to know for example the Short Snout Seahorses. They are rather shy creatures that feed very
frequently because of their small digestive tract, on small shrimp called Mysis and Pacifica.
The male Seahorses looks after the brood of babies in his pouch, so the female can start producing a new batch of
eggs immediately, to increase the total number of young the pair create.  Here you can learn why the Seahorse is
endangered in the wild, or find out why Seahorses reproduce every 3 months! 

If you are interessted in a larger fish you can meet the friendly Bowmouth Guitar Shark who lives in our ocean tank
along with other incredible shark species. It is known as a Ray Shark, the Bowmouth Guitar Shark is highly
distinctive with a wide thick body, a blunt snout and a large shark-like dorsal and tail fins. Usually found in tropical
coastal waters, it is 5ft long and weighs 1500bs!

Our Staff and guides are here to help you and to answer all your questions!

Opening hours and prices

Open daily

FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY from 10:00am - 10:00pm
Last admission at 21:15

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY from 10:00am - 8:00pm
Last admission at 19:15

Adult (12+)              €14.50    
Child (3-11yrs)         €10.50    
Senior (65+)            €11.50    
Child (under 3)         FREE

2 Adults & 2 Children (3-12yrs)     €44.50
2 Adults & 3 Children (3-12yrs)     €49.50

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