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…like champions, forgetting about those crowded slopes…

 Sella Nevea, in Italy, and Bovec, in Slovenia, have 30 km of ski trails, across two valleys, running between 1150 mt and 2300 mt. The slopes, for all skier levels, develop in an amazing scenery, next to a natural park, offering breathtaking views reaching the Adriatic see.

In Sella, you can ski along the 2 parallel slopes of Canin and Bila Pec, the resort "queens", side by side to the world national teams, who often choose the international FIS ski centre to train. Skiing like a champion, close to the champions.

Sella Nevea and Bovecs strength is giving you the opportunity to ski in the nature, with no queues and overcrowded slopes. The advantage to be in an elite location.

All slopes below 1800 mt are equipped with snow making machines, which seldom are in function, due to the natural predisposition of the place to be very snowy. It is not a case that Sella and Bovec were the snowiest resorts in Europe in 2009, with a total of 13 mt of snow fall.

Cross Country Skiing
Sella Nevea has 2 cross country ski loops.
The first is 2 km long and it is close to the village lays in the middle of the beautiful Camet forest. The second is smaller but at 1800 Mt, in the Prevala plateau, with the advantage to offer from November till May practicability.  Also, at 22 Km, in Tarvisio and in Val Saisera there are 60 Km of cross country ski runs with different level of difficulty.

Sella Nevea is very well knows for back country and freeride skiing. The abundance of untouched virgin spaces and the charming nature make the place a top spot for out of slopes skilovers. They come here from Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, UK, Poland and other countries specifically to surf the powder. 

SKI AREA "3 borders"
Skiing the diversity
The ski area includes 6 villages , very close to each other so that it is possible to reach any of the ski resorts with short trips. Each of the ski resorts in the area offers unique characteristics letting the tourist enjoy a diverse and memorable mountain holiday.

The ski area extends over 3 nations, Italy, Austria and Slovenia, at the encounter point of 3 different cultures, Latin, German and Slavic, which adds to the diversity that the nature and landscape already provides.

Also, from the ski area, it is possible to easily access the nearby winter locations of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, using the same ski pass valid in Sella Nevea-Bovec or Tarvisio.

The ski area:

  • is ski World Cup and Europe Cup location
  • is site of one of the famous 4 trampolines (Ski Jump World Cup).  
  • has been Site of the Winter University games in 2006.
  • has been short listed Olympic candidate for the Winter 2006 Olympic games.

Winter trekking  - Itineraries

As an alternative to skiing, winter hiking is an excellent way to stay in direct contact with nature. The ideal equipment are snow shoes with which it is easy to choose the right itinerary, among the several available in Sella Nevea and the surrounding area. Check weather forecast, wear the snow shoes and enjoy your walk. Snow shoes are rented in Sella Nevea at the Palle di Neve shop, in the village centre.


Giro delle Malghe (Pastures Tour) - Level: Easy

In Sella Nevea, walk to the bottom of the Slalom slope, near by the Alpine Rescue Guardia di Finanza building. Walk up the slope for 50 mt and turn right, crossing the ski lift, into a path in the woods as soon as the slope gets steeper. Walk uphill, following the road in the woods all the way to the Cragnedul huts, easily recognizable when the path gets out from the wood into a glade.

Keep walking straight on, leaving the Cragnedul huts on your right. Carry on until the Larice huts and then again straight on until the Montasio plateau. Once here, there is an option to climb up to the Di Brazza lodge in half an hour. Otherwise you can proceed straight to the road for Sella Nevea. The road can be run with skies and snowboards, requiring a good practice with those tools.

The combination of generous snow falls, abundance of free spaces, an appealing landscape, and good paths for winter hiking and amazing views creates the ideal conditions for alpine ski and free riding, in the fresh powder.

Some of the ski plants seem to be ad-hoc positioned to facilitate the free riding lovers without the need to ire expensive helicopters or climb too much.

 If you want to practice alpine ski or free riding, the best way is to hire a guide. If you want to do without, you need to know the territory and the descends very well. Prior your hike, you must contact Promotur, the company that manages the Sella Nevea ski runs, to check the snow conditions and the avalanches risk. You also must inform the Sella Nevea alpine rescue Guardia di Finanza, telling them where you are going and for how many days. It is advisable to bring the equipment to allow being rescued in case of avalanche hit.


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