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Carpino is an Apulian coastal town and comune on the Gargano peninsula. Its name is linked to the rebirth of the traditional popular music of Gargano as an artistic value to preserve and study. The group "Cantori di Carpino" (Carpino Singers), by reinterpreting ancient tarantellas, enabled the development of a broadly articulated project regarding traditional popular music of southern Italy.

It is a small agricultural town situated in the northern Gargano area on a hill between the Varano Lake and the Umbrian Forest. Its name appeared for the first time in a Papal Bull as “CASTELLUM CAPRALIS”, perhaps due to the presence of row deer in its surroundings. The Normans built a castle here, of which just a few ruins remain today, and the town was built around it later. Very much appreciated by tourists, the place is renowned for its most exquisite olive oil, which is produced in a valley covered with century-old olive groves. The town is included in the Gargano National Park.

Located on a hill along the Gargano coast covered with tended olive trees, Carpino is actually known as the "Città dell’olio" (City of Oil) because of its rich production of quality olive oil.

The name derives from the ancient Caprelis, connected to the breed raising of goats and roebucks in antiquity. A legend says that the place was founded by the refugees of Uria, which was submerged by the Varano Lake. It is however first mentioned in historical records in 1158 as castrum caprelis, in a bull of pope Adrian IV, with which the abbey of Monte Sacro obtained privileges on the church of St. Peter e St. Mary near the "castellum capralis", a location identifiable as the municipality, as subsequently confirmed from historical documents.

The town's main square "Piazza del Popolo" is the historic home of the festival of folk music and its influences. Il Carpino Folk Festival is an event that includes the container inside, under the same unifying logo, performing arts, especially music, dance and theater of popular roots, but also workshops, conferences, roundtables, workshops, presentations of literature and cinema with a full program of live performances, original and energetic show that the richness and musical diversity of an area that has many natural resources, landscape and historical importance and artistic quality of great intrinsic, although not yet fully exploited in a structured, integrated and accessible in order to represent real strategic factors in the economic and social development.

In addition to the beauty and pictorial quality of its landscape, Carpino is, as mentioned above, also renowned for the “Carpino Folk Festival”, a folk music event held in the month of August, whose purpose is to spread and hand down the traditional local ballads (chants and dances). The event attracts many big names of the folk music scene every year. The vocation of the village for producing an exquisite olive oil also offers plenty of opportunities for tasting tours, which are organised in abundance during the olive collection and milling season. Visit the churches of Santa Croce (Saint Cross), Cirillo, San Nicola di Mira, and the archaeological site of the Minutillo Caves.

The region of Puglia a land of conquest and domination. The castles, true masterpieces of architecture, including the Castel del Monte, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the numerous watchtowers that dot the southern coast. Then there are the noble palaces, the historic quarters, the squares, symbols of power, site of everyday living.
Puglia land of art. The cities and smallest towns hold sumptuous historical buildings, expressions of Renaissance and Baroque art that today house art libraries, museums, and picture galleries.
Puglia land of faith and age-old traditions. Basilicas, cathedrals, and sanctuaries are all different artistic manifestations of faith; then there are the feasts of patron saints, local festivals, and suggestive historical re-enactments that renew ancient customs and traditions annually.

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