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FarmHouse with Swimming Pool "Colli del Tartufo" - Todi (Perugia)


In the very heart of green Umbria in a village of 200 people where man and nature still live in harmony you can find the Farm House Colli del Tartufo. The eleven rooms, each one with its own bathroom are furnished with delighting rural simplicity. Each window offers a special view of the hills and of the umbrian landscape .   

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Holidays Apartments Casale Cibottola - Perugia (Perugia)


Welcome to the farmhouse / agritourism "Casale Cibottola" perhaps an old shelter for the Knights and Pilgrims, perhaps a place of meditation and prayer, perhaps a bit 'of everything ... today, it is definitely a very unique place. When the sun rises at dawn and smells and perfumes of the Umbrian countryside spreads through the rooms of the apartments, where, by day, the silence and stillness leads to more intense and intimate relaxation, perhaps by the pool and when in the evening , frogs...

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Alla scoperta del Parco Lago Trasimeno - Lago Trasimeno (Perugia)


Trasimeno Lake had a tectonic origin. 3 million years ago, there was a shallow sea in this part of Umbria. Then a depression formed by geologic fractures, allowed the birth of Lake Trasimeno. Historically, Trasimeno was known as The Lake of Perugia and this name makes it easy to understand the importance that the lake has always had for the whole of north-western Umbria and for the Tuscan Chiana district. In prehistoric times, this lake was extended so as to almost reach Perugia....

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Umbria Jazz la musica del mondo! - Perugia (Perugia)


Umbria Jazz 2013 - Perugia Jazz Festival 2013 July 5-14 Umbria Jazz is one of the most important music venues in the world. Every year, in July, the festival takes place in the hystorical centre of Perugia, Central Italy. It lasts two weeks and attracts lots of visitors from Italy and abroad. A number of very important musicians has performed in the magnificent "Arena Santa Giuliana" with the background of a beautiful park, the old architectures of Perugia and the Church of Saint Giuliana...

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Valnerina EVENTI Primavera, Estate - Norcia (Terni)


Turistic events in Valnerina on May and June 2008. Fairs, Typical markets, Shows, Museums and more. port and nature in Valnerina, green heart in Umbria, Italy. Spend your holidays in Valnerina and capture the magic of Umbria, the green heart of Italy.  

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St. Clare of Assisi, 11th of August. Who in 1215 had, much against her will been made superior at San Damiano by St. Francis, continued to rule there as abbess until her death, in 1253, nearly forty years later. There is no good reason to believe that she ever once went beyond the boundaries of San Damiano during all that time. It need not, therefore, be wondered at if so comparatively few details of St. Clare's life in the cloister "hidden with Christ in God", have come down...

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New Year's Eve in Italy: Umbria. New Year's Eve holiday in the heart of Italy: Umbria. Complete and detailed list of Villas, Apartments, Hotels and B&Bs for your  New Year's Eve in Umbria: New Year's Eve lastminutes! [ Wellness - Country Houses with restaurants - Apartment - Villas ] Events in Umbria in December and January: Terni: From the 15th of December to the 6th of January Frattuccia Creche-Presepio (Guardea) near 150 characters, big sized....

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Best Hotel deal near the amusementpark of Gardaland - Lago Di Garda (Verona)


Do you want to come to Gardaland? With our service "Get the best offer" you can, with a single click, contact dozens of conventioned touristfacilities near Gardaland. So if you are looking for a Hotel to visit GARDALAND and all the other amusementsparks in the sorrundings of the Garda Lake... Fill out the form below! That way you will send your request to all the conventioned hotels, B&B, agritourism etc......

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FRANTOI APERTI - Perugia (Perugia)


Open oil-mills in Umbria Umbrian oil is famous all over the world. November is the oil month in Umbria. In November there is Frantoi Aperti (open mills).  

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Hotels and B&B near the Christmas-marktes of TRENTO - Trento (Trento)


Would you like to visit TRENTO and its CHRISTMAS MARKET? Thanks to our service "Our Best Offer" just by filling the form you should contact a lot of hotels near  Trento. If you are looking for an Hotel in Trento just "Fill in the form above!!!" All the Hotels, B&Bs, apartments and farmhouses in Trento are waiting for your contact!  Christmas Market in Trento will be running from 22nd November until 24th December 2008 Let’s...

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CantaMaggio Terni - Terni (Terni)


CANTAMAGGIO IN TERNI, ITALY From the 24th of April 2008 to the 18th of May 2008 Cantamaggio is a Spring event in Umbria, Italy, based on parades of allegorical floats made by Terni citizens. During Cantamaggio there are theatre and various typical shows. Cantamaggio is the Spring celebration, when nature wakes up. Its origins are pagan.  

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Fuga del Bove, corsa di buoi a Montefalco! - Montefalco (Perugia)


Fuga del Bove is a traditional event in Montefalco, Umbria. Its aim is to go back to a XVII th century tradition. The Bove was a bull set free in Montefalco, people had to capture it and its meat was divided between them. Protagonists of the event are 4 medieval quarters: San Bartolomeo San Fortunato Sant'Agostino San Francesco They fight one another in various medieval tournaments. The central event is surrounded by a medieval atmosphere with music,...

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Baroque Festival in Foligno From the 27th of August to the 18th of September 2011  Foligno's Baroque Festival has become one of the region's most important events. Original and stimulating theatrical and musical events are presented each year, selected from the best productions both in Italy and abroad. The most important event is the BAROQUE NIGHT  10th of September 2011 From 5.30 p.m. to 4 a.m. Shows in the streets, shopping, food, music and more...  To know more about this event fill...

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FIERA DEI MORTI mercatini e giostre all'aperto. - Perugia (Perugia)


FIERA DEI MORTI IN PERUGIA (1st and 2nd of November) In Umbria fairs and markets in Perugia during the Saints Feast 1st and 2nd of November.

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Hotel and Agritourism near the Madonie park - Palermo (Palermo)


Do you want to come to the MadoniePark ? With our service "Get the Best Offer" with a single click you can contact dozens of conventioned tourist facilities close to Madonie. So if you looking for a hotel to visit the park of Madonie and all the natural attractions of Sicily? fill out the form below and send your request to all conventioned hotels and B & B agritourisms and then you can choose the best offer! The Madonie Park is a natural regional park planned in 1981 (from the...

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Hotels and Bed and Breakfast near Mount Conero - Conero (Ancona)


Do you want to come on holiday in the area of the Mount Conero-park? With our service "Get the best offer" you can, with a single click, contact dozens of conventioned tourist-facilities around Mount Conero. So if you are looking for a hotel to stay in the area of Mount Conero, for a holiday by the sea, full of culture, and all the natural beauty the the region Marche can offer you... "Fill out the form!!!" That way you send your request...

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Hotels and tourist-villages near Taormina, Sicily - Taormina (Messina)


Do you want to come on holiday in the area of Taormina and the beautiful Gardini  Naxos? With our service "Get the best offer" you can, with a single click, contact dozens of conventioned tourist-facilities around Taormina. So if you are looking for a hotel to stay in the area of Taormina, for a holiday full of culture, fun and beauty... "Fill out the form!!!" That way you send your request to all the conventioned Hotels,...

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Hotels, B&B and Agritourisms near the Bologna Motor Show - Bologna (Bologna)


Exhibition of the Motor Show 2008 The International Motor Show in Bologna from 5th to 14th DECEMBER The 33rd edition of the Bologna Motor Show - International Motor Show -in Bologna Fair to be held in 5 to 14 December 2008. On 3 and 4 December will be the days dedicated to the press while traders will have access to the Exhibition on 4 and 5 December, the latter opening day at the Motor Show. This year's event will have 140,000 m² of exhibit space and 90,000 square feet of covered...

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Hotels and Bed and Breakfast near the Autodrome Racingtracks of Monza - Monza (Milano)


Do you want to come on Holiday to Monza and maybe visit the famous racingtracks?   With our service "Get The Best Offer" with a single click you can contact dozens of tourist facilities (hotel, B & Bs, Hostels, resorts, residences, agritourisms) in the area of Monza. So if you are looking for a hotel to stay near the autodrome in Monza for a vacation in one of the most beautiful and fascinating locations and in Italy and why not enjoy a Formula One-race live from first bench... "Fill...

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Ricette, Sagre, Prodotti L'UMBRIA IN TAVOLA - Perugia (Perugia)


CLICK HERE FOR MORE RECIPES!! UMBRIAN TYPICAL CUISINE Umbrian typical cuisine, Umbrian recipes, Umbrian dishes, regional Italian cuisine. Here you are some Umbrian recipes: Strangozzi with Asparagus Ingredients for 4-5 guests: 500 gr. Umbrian strangozzi 2 wild asparagus bundles 250 gr. peeled tomatoes chilli extra virgin olive oil garlic 1 clove salt Clean the asparagus and cut the soft part in small pieces. In a pan fry some extra virgin olive oil and...

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