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ATTENTION: The recording and the use of italyholidays.info services involve the acceptance by the Customer of the General Conditions hereby. Only adults (of age) and persons who have acting capability can sign in. Anyone means to record itself is obligated to indicate exclusively his own personal data and guarantees that the same data are true, corrected and updated.


1. Use of the site This site is destined to Your personal use. You cant't duplicate, copy, distribute, modify, reproduce, sold, or take advantage of it or use it for other business purposes. You cannot use this site for illegal or forbidden scope.

2. Link italyholidays.info could (finally) contain links and sites not directly managed from italyholidays.info. Such links are a simple reference that italyholidays.info does not control and italyholidays.info is not responsible of their contents.

3. Copyright, Registered Marks records and Software All the contents of the site italyholidays.info, as witnesses, diagrams, logo, keys and icone, images, audio files and software, are italyholidays.infoproperty of or its suppliers of information and are protected by the Italian and international laws on the copyright. The compilation (meaning with that the collection, the layout and the assemblage) of all the contents of the site are italyholidays.info exclusive property and is protected by the Italian and international laws on the copyright. The software used in the site italyholidays.info is property of italyholidays.info or of its suppliers of software and is protected by the Italian and international laws on the copyright. Every other use, incuded the reproduction, the modification, the distribution, the transmission, the visualization or the performance, of the contents of this site is forbidden. italyholidays.info and other names of products, services, diagrams and logo italyholidays.info are registered marks of italyholidays.info, in Italy and in other countries. Other products, services or names of societies cited on the situated one could be mark record you of respect owners to you.

4. Information on protection of privacy italyholidays.info it wants to safeguard to the maximum yours privacy in the net. We know the importance that you give to Your privacy and to the safety of (yours) personal information that identify You as member of the community italyholidays.info. For this we want to inform You that:

When ordering a service or a product through our site you must supply personal information to us such as name, email, address, number and expiration date of your credit card or debit, and telephone number. These information only allow us to elaborate your orders and to hold you up on their state of advance.

5. Releasing THIS SITE IS SUPPLIED FROM italyholidays.info. IT COULD CONTAIN INACCURACIES Or TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS italyholidays.info DOES NOT SUPPLY ANY ASSERTION Or GUARANTEE, EXPLICIT Or IMPLICIT, APPROXIMATELY the OPERATIVITY Of SITUATED Or the INFORMATION, the CONTENTS, the SOFTWARE, the MATERIALS Or the PRODUCTS PRESENT In the SITE. CONCERNING the LAWS IN MATTER, italyholidays.info IT REJECTS EVERY EXPLICIT Or IMPLICIT GUARANTEE, COMPRISED the IMPLICIT GUARANTEES OF TRADE and SUITABILITY To ONE PARTICULAR SCOPE. italyholidays.info WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE of CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF WHICHEVER KIND deriving from its USE, INCLUDED DIRECT, INDIRECT, ACCIDENTS, DAMAGES, PUNISHED and CONSEQUENTIAL. The present General Conditions are regulated by the Italian laws. We reserve the right to bring our changes to the site and to the present General Conditions anytime. In case of modification of the General Conditions the same one will be preceded from appropriate situated communication through italyholidays.info, the detention remaining Your right of recess. Informative to the senses of the Law n. _ 675/96 on the protection of personal data, It inform, to the sense of the art.10 of the law 31 December 1996 n.675 bring disposition to protection of the person and of other subject regarding the treatment of the personal data, than the personal data from You supplied that is otherwise acquired in the within of the our activity, can form object of treatment, in the respect of the disposition over recall and of the secrecy requirement of safety which inspires the activity of italyholidays.info. For treatment of personal data their collection agrees, recording, organization, conservation, elaboration, modification, selection, extraction, compares, uses, interconnection, block, communication, spread, cancellation and distribution that is the combination of two or more than such operations. The holder of the treatment is italyholidays.info of Tordoni Anna Maria Via A. Vici, 28 06034 Foligno PG Tel. 0742,343226 - fax 06.23310978. The data will be used for institutional purposes, connected or usefull to the activity of our Society, and therefore:

1. for giving to execution to a Service or more operations contractually summoned person, included those previewed from the art.7 of the contract (Privacy), let alone the proposition of extension of the Service to the additional performances eventually activated after the subscription of the Proposal of Contract and to every activity of entrusting of the Customer;

2. in order to execute, in a generalized manner, law obligation;

3. for requirements of operating and managerial type inner to italyholidays.info and inherent to the Service, with particular, but not exclusive, reference to the review of the accounting of italyholidays.info let alone, previo Its consent,

4. to collect information on the tastes and demographic preferences of the customer in topic of travels and information associate which year of birth, sex, nationality, language speech, marital status, composition familiar nucleus to the aim of being able to supply a personalized service and optimal quality

5. to supply information in order to products or services ours, or of our partner, and other opportunities in the case we thought them of yours upgrades them interest

6. to elaborate statistics combined on sales, customers, outlines of traffic and other information and to communicate such statistics to third part. Statistics will not comprise some information that can determine the identification of the customers. The law recognizes numerous rights that we invite to consider carefully. Between these, we remember the rights synthetically: to approach the registries of the Guarantor; to obtain information approximately the data that regard You; to obtain the cancellation, the block, the modernization, it rectifies it, integration of the data, let alone the attestation that such operations have been capacities to acquaintance of those people to which the Data have been communicate to you; of obstacle, for legitimate reasons, to the treatment of the Data; of obstacle to the treatments to fine it trades them or advertising or of market research. We bring back of continuation art.13 of Law 675/96 the regarding the rights of the interested one to the treatment of the data

Art. 13 reads n.675/96 In relation to the treatment of personal data the interested one has straight: to know, by means of free access to the registry of which to the art.31, codicil 1, letter to), the existence of treatments of data that can regard it; of being informed on indicated how much to article 7, code 4, letters to), b) and h); to obtain, to cure of the holder or the responsible, without delay: the personal confirmation of the existence or less than given that regards it, even if not still records to you, and the communication in intelligible shape of the same data and their origin, let alone of the logic and the purposes on which the treatment is based; the demand can be renewed, saves the existence of justifies reasons to you, with not smaller interval of 90 (ninety) days; the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous shape or the block of the data deal to you in law violation, those included of which are not necessary the conservation in relation to the scopes for which the data have been collected or subsequently deal to you; the modernization, the rectification that is, in case have interest to you, integration of the data; the attestation that the operations of which to the numbers 2) and 3) they have been capacities to acquaintance, also as far as their content, of those people to which the data have been communicates to you or diffuse, except for the case in which such implementation it is revealed impossible or it involved a means employment manifestly not proportioned regarding the protected right; of obstacle, in all or part, for legitimate reasons, to the treatment of the personal data that regard it, concerning to the scope of the collection; of obstacle, in all or part, to the treatment of personal data that regard it, previewed to fine of information they or of shipment of advertising material of direct selling trades, that is for the fulfillment of communication or market researches they interactive and of being informed from the holder trades, not beyond the moment in which the data they are communicates to you or diffuse, of the possibility to exercise free of charge such straight every demanded of which to code 1, letter c) n.1) can be demanded to the interested one, where it does not turn out confirmed the existence of data that regard it, a not advanced contribution expenses to the actual costs supports you, second the modalities and within limits established from the regulations of which to article 33, code 3. Concerning the rights of which to code 1 reported to the personal data deceased persons they can be exercise to you from anyone have interest to you.

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