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ID:161 "Holiday Villa Bettona" near Assisi* - Assisi (Perugia)

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External view  of Villa Bettona between olive trees

- External view of Villa Bettona between olive trees

Casale in Villa Bettona

- Casale in Villa Bettona

Green paths around the Villa

- Green paths around the Villa









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The hills of Bettona offer a haven of peace and tranquility in untouched countryside, the perfect location for your holiday in Umbria.

Our estate ‘Villa Bettona" offers guests two forms of accommodation: a splendid detached villa with a tower over two floors, and a fully renovated stone farmhouse, set in the hills of the estate.  These 7 hectares consist of splendid terraces mostly covered by olive trees, with breathtaking views of the entire Umbrian valley.

As well as olive trees, there are elms, poplars, oaks and fruit trees: cherries, apples, pears, hazelnuts, figs and prunes.  The guests experience an amazing explosion of flowers in springtime and in the autumn, enjoy the fruit.  A wood is part of the terraced estate, and its trees (chestnut, walnut, oak, beech and elm) are centuries old.  It is an ideal place for those who want to spend a relaxing holiday under the influence of nature and the countryside.  For real enthusiasts there is the opportunity for long walks and to pick wild asparagus (March-April-May), mushrooms, blackberries, chestnuts and walnuts (October-November).  The estate is full of aromatic plants: rosemary, santoreggia, sage, bay and mint, whilst filling the air with their intense fragrance are roses, lavender and broom, which form a golden-yellow carpet over the surrounding hills when they flower from June to July.  There are wild roses, and corbezzoli and pomegranates which produce beautiful red flowers in springtime, and in November and December their fruits decorate our tables.  Pine trees give us precious pine nuts, that guests may gather and taste, also pine cones, which are used to decorate our houses during the Christmas period, together with holly and pungitopo which grows naturally in the wood.

The vast terrace of the estate (7 hectares) which surrounds the villa and farmhouse can be used for walks and horse-riding.

Thanks to its advantageous position, "Villa Bettona" offers a spectacular panoramic view of cities home to the highest culture and art: Perugia, Assisi, Spello and Foligno. Its central position means the many picturesque villages across the Umbria valley can easily be reached on foot or by bike.

Fresh, seasonal vegetables are always available to the guests, as well as a selection of traditional Umbrian produce which is produced on the estate: oil, jam, cheese, cold meats, legumes (Norcia lentils), Cannara onions and honey.

A splendid pool (15x6) surrounded by terracotta tiles and a large garden enclosed by a worked iron fence stands between the two properties and is for the exclusive use of the guests.

It looks out onto a panoramic terrace covered in vegetation which overlooks the whole valley, Assisi, Perugia, and Spello, and is equipped with a solarium with beds, umbrellas, tables and chaise-longe.

There is also an external showers and a changing-room with bathroom with hot shower.

In the surrounding area it is possible to admire the antique drinking fountain from 1700.

The stone farmhouse is a typical rural Umbrian construction, with ceilings of chestnut and elm beams and a tiled terracotta floor.

Completely renovated with the utmost respect it is characterized by a tower dating back to 1200 with additions in 1700 when it became habitable.

Outside there is an oven where bread was once baked and inside the antique elm manger can still be admired; there are also two stone fireplaces from 1700 which are used for cooking and also warmth during the long winter nights.

The house is encircled by an portico, where animals were once bred to support the family.  In the kitchen there is another fireplace with a majestic wooden beam and a selection of copper utensils used by the typical Umbrian family (a bed-warming pan, bowls to make jam and conserves, etc), a spinning wheel dating back to 1700 used by women to spin wool and weave cloth at home; an antique dish-washer is also in the kitchen; in the 2 bathrooms beautiful basins one in travertino the other in marble made in 1700.

The floor area is around 200 meters squared, divided into ground floor and first floor, which is reached by a small outdoor staircase typical of antique country residences.

The farmhouse is furnished with antique furniture from 1600 to 1800 which perfectly complements the ambience.  A collection of small paintings portraying birds decorates the walls, there is also an ancient framed document detailing the sale of some land and a sewing machine which evoke times gone by.  There are also antique lamps and iron wall fixtures, a dresser from 1600, a wardrobe and a table from 1800, antique bed frames – everything in this house has a history.

The farmhouse comprises:
  • Bedrooms (for a total of 7), all fully furnished
  • 2 bathrooms equipped with shower
  • ground floor living room with fireplace from 1700, TV and sofa
  • room on the upper floor with fireplace from 1700, sofa and games table
  • large, well-equipped kitchen (4 cooking rings, oven, fridge, freezer, dishwasher) and a fireplace which evokes country cooking
  • outhouse with laundry (washing machine, ironing board and iron)
  • outside barbeque and small fountain
  • ancient wood oven
  • portico equipped with tables, chairs and chaise longe
  • large garden perfect for outdoor activity, with a bench from 1800 from which the enchanting view can be admired.
  • 15x6 swimming pool with large solarium and lawn, equipped with sun beds, umbrellas, tables and external shower.
    Also equipped with changing room and bathroom with hot shower
  • ample private parking close to the house
The large living room with original fireplace, the kitchen also equipped with fireplace on the ground floor and a further room with fireplace from 1700 on the upper floor allow typical produce from the area to be prepared, and in the cold winters the re-discovery of the homely atmosphere of years gone by.

Surrounded by the countryside, far from danger and noise, the farmhouse is ideal for families with small children, the elderly and anyone who seeks a quiet and relaxing holiday and the convenience of the vicinity of the village center and the most beautiful cities and Umbrian villages.

The villa's antique tiled terracotta floors are typical of the Umbrian region, and cover around 250 square meters.  Available as a whole or as two independent apartments, the villa is characterized by an imposing tower with solid chestnut beams and a large living room with 17th Century fireplace on the ground floor, and a second living room on the first floor reached by a 19th century staircase, which has 10 arched windows giving an exceptional 360º panoramic view of Perugia, Brufa, Assisi and Spello.  The two spacious kitchens both have functioning 19th century fireplaces which can be used to cook typical Umbrian dishes, as well as supplying warmth in the coldest months.

The villa is furnished with antiques from 1600 to 1800.  Worth noting are the tables, the 19th century side-boards and the original doors from the 17th and 18th centuries painted in tempera, typical of the more distinguished Umbrian houses.  Also deserving to be looked at with attention are the glass lamps dating from 1900, the antique limestone basins in the four bathrooms and a rare ‘double’ bath-tub.  To be noted are the elegant head-boards, one of which is painted with an Umbrian landscape, wardrobes of walnut and chestnut and a dresser in the upper room of the tower which depicts the sacristy.

There is beautiful series of pastel designs than an English tourist (a guest of a family at Bettona) painted during different seasons of the year, and that we have succeeded in procuring in order to decorate our abode.  There is also a beautiful antique glass lamp in the ground floor living room with leaves that descend onto the walnut table.

The two kitchens have traditional antique sinks and copper bowls that are used for making conserves and jams and earthenware containers that are used for flour for bread and pastries.

There is a large portico with chestnut beams and floor of terracotta tiles, encircling most of the house and providing a large external covered space to be used on both rainy and sultry summer days.  Also outside at the back of the house, there is a large courtyard with tiled terracotta floor and a beautiful iron fence, and a drinking fountain from 1700.  On long summer evenings guests can enjoy the smells and sounds of the Umbrian countryside, and there is light from the now rare fireflies which evoke untouched nature.

Outside, a drinking fountain from 1700 in travertino welcomes the guests into the enormous garden which encircles the house with the barbeque behind it next to an antique basin.
The villa as a whole (for 12 people) is ideal for both families and groups of friends, and comprises:

  • 4 fully furnished double bedrooms
  • 2 rooms with twin beds with tables and with access to the portico and garden
  • 4 shower rooms
  • 2 fully equipped kitchens (4 cooking rings, oven, fridge, freezer, dishwasher) with antique fireplaces and access to the portico and garden
  • sitting room on the ground floor with functioning original fireplace and access to the garden and courtyard
  • sitting room on the first floor with 10 windows, satellite TV and comfortable sofas
  • outhouse with laundry (washing machine, ironing board and iron)
  • barbeque and drinking fountain
  • large portico and courtyard equipped with garden chairs and tables
  • large garden with lawn which allows outdoor activity
  • 15x6 swimming pool with large solarium and lawn, equipped with sun beds, umbrellas, tables and external shower.  Also equipped with changing room and bathroom with hot shower
  • ample private parking close to the house
Each apartment (6 people) is equipped with central heating, and is ideal for families or small groups of friends.  Each comprises:
  • 2 double bedrooms
  • 1 room with twin beds
  • 2 shower rooms
  • 1 large fully equipped kitchen
The ground floor and first floor sitting rooms can be used by the guests either communally or independently.

Services included in the price:

  • bedding and towels supplied
  • water, gas, electricity
  • boiler
  • use of the swimming pool (15x6) and pool accessories
  • cradle for babies on request
  • games table (cards, draughts, dice, monopoli, tombola and others)
  • use of the laundry (washing machine, ironing board and iron)
  • use of barbeque and wood oven
  • reserved parking
  • animals allowed on request
  • satellite TV
  • opportunities for excursions and walks on foot or by bike
  • opportunity to pick walnuts, chestnuts, blackberries, mushrooms and asparagus from the wood on the estate.
Extra Services not included in the price:
  • daily or weekly cleaning
  • babysitter
  • central heating
  • final clean
  • opportunity to hire bikes for 6km
  • guided excursions
  • opportunity to go horse riding – riding school 4km away
  • catering service
  • organized parties with catering service on the lawn or by the pool
  • organized parties with musical entertainment (piano and flute)
  • organized parties with small theatre events
  • organized games with small prizes for children

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Price list in Euro "Holiday Villa Bettona" near Assisi
Low Season: 07/01-15/04 - 22/04-20/05 - 17/09-24/12 Medium Season: 24/12-07/01 - 15/04-22/04 - 20/05-24/06 - 26/08-16/09 High Season: 24/06-26/08, Christmas, New Year day, Easter.
The Villa 12 beds sm 250 weekly price 1.918,00 2.506,00 3.241,00
The Villa 6 beds - Apartment 1 and 2 (sm 125) 1.036,00 1.257,00 1.624,00
The Farmhouse (7 beds - sm. 200) daily price 959,00 1.253,00 1.620,50
Weekly rates are from Saturday at 4 pm to Saturday at 10 am in high season periods (July, August)

The price includes:

- Bed and bathroom linen
- Electricity and water
- The use of all facilities ( swimming pool, barbecue, wood oven)


final cleaning:
100 euros for Apartment
200 euros for Villa (only)
120 euros for Farmhouse
heating counsumption
damage deposit: 800 euros

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